Sunday, April 19, 2015

Presenting the entries in the Winnipeg Model Railroad Club's 60th anniversary model contest

    This year being our 60th anniversary year, WMRC model contest chair Morgan Turney came up with a truly novel idea for the special event - to make a model incorporating the club's 60th anniversary logo! A special logo was made by WMRC blog editor Paul Ullrich for this event, and was made into a decal by Black Cat Decals. We had so many entries for this event that we're going to split them into several different post during the week! Here are the first three:

 First place went to Morgan Turney for his hydrous-ammonia tank car.

Second place went to Morgan Turney for his Baldwin VO 1000 463 diesel locomotive.
Third place went to Suzanne Lemon for her 40' boxcar.

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