Saturday, July 29, 2017

The CP Canada 150 train arrives in Winnipeg this Friday

Mark your calendars! The CP 150 train will be in Winnipeg this Friday, August 4. The train will make a stop at the Southdale Community Centre at 254 Lakewood Boulevard from 5:00PM to 8:00PM. 

CP’s 1401 F-unit, built in 1958, will lead the train, hauling more than 10 restored heritage cars. Children will have the opportunity to take part in decorating a special car named the Spirit of Tomorrow. They can write their hopes for the Canada of tomorrow on a commemorative card. Each card will be attached to the car. The final Spirit of Tomorrow car will be included in CP’s 2017 Holiday Train program.

Included in the train is CP's exclusive stage car where champion Aboriginal hoop dancer Dallas Arcand, Juno award-winning country music singer Dean Brody, country singer Kelly Prescott and the Rail Road Ramblers will be performing.

While you’re there, don’t miss your chance to ride on CP’s miniature train! It’s a 1/4 scale model of one of CP’s AC4400 locomotives.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

The Meadows grain elevator falls

By Morgan Turney
Photos by Felix Lesiuk

The Meadows Paterson grain elevator was turned into a heap of scrap wood on July 18, 2017, just after 12:00 noon. After chewing out the bottom four feet of the elevator footing on the elevator's west side, the contractor wrapped a heavy cable around the elevator cupola and with a few tugs from a large bulldozer, down she came into a heap of lumber and grain dust.

I don't know what it is about the name of Meadows, Perhaps it conjures up memories of a very peaceful place. There isn't much there. A few farms nearby and a homestead just across the street from the Meadows road sign. But it had a Paterson wooden grain elevator, the first one you came across driving westward down Rosser Road.

Rounding a gentle curve just past Rosser, there were two things you could count on seeing. One was an African type tree (it looks like it's from the plains of the Serengeti) in the field on the right hand side of the road. In the distance straight ahead was the Meadows elevator. It served as a familiar landmark to anyone taking the back roads and following the CPR's Carberry subdivision on a rail fan adventure toward Portage la Prairie. Sadly, after July 20, 2017, the African tree is all that's left.

Many of us will miss the Meadows elevator. It was the last one standing on that route after Marquette (another Paterson grain elevator) was pulled down on September 3rd, 2013. 
How sad is it that we destroy our iconic history so willfully, and so thoughtlessly. Meadows is gone forever. All that's left are the photographs and the memories.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Grain elevator at Meadows, Manitoba being taken down

Our intrepid roving reporter Felix Lesiuk captured these images of the grain elevator at Meadows, Manitoba being taken down. Meadows is on provincial highway 221, in between Marquette and Rosser. Marquette lost its grain elevator four years ago.

It's sad to see another one of these prairie giants leave the landscape. Now that two of these once familiar buildings on the same road will be gone, the road to Marquette is going to be a lot more bleaker.

Monday, July 10, 2017

WinNtrak featured on Shaw TV's TrainTown

WinNtrak's own Gerrit Vanderklok narrates Shaw TV's latest episode of Train Town.

How cool is this? Shaw TV Winnipeg has produced their third episode of Train Town, and this time they're featuring WinNtrak at their new home at the Prairie Dog Central! You can view it by clicking here!

Thursday, July 06, 2017

Ride the Assiniboine Valley Railway this weekend

The Assiniboine Valley Railway is holding another open house this weekend! They’re open from 11:00AM to 5:00PM on Saturday, July 8, and from 1:00PM to 5:00PM on Sunday, July 9. One ride costs two bucks, and you can buy a 12 ride pass for only $20! Children two years of age and under ride for free! All minors must be accompanied by an adult. They're located at 3001 Roblin Boulevard, just west of Assiniboine Park. Look for the sign on the road!

Monday, July 03, 2017

Ron Einarson becomes a Master Model Railroader

Ron Einarson, seen here displaying at the No. 1 Northern Division's annual train meet in 2015, has just been named Master Model Railroader by the NMRA.

It is with great pride that we announce that our own Ron Einarson has been designated a Master Model Railroader (MMR) by the NMRA. Ron has been a member of the WMRC since 1983, and has been a member of the NMRA for almost as many years. He has also served as superintendent of the No.1 Northern Division  and as the President of NMRA Canada.

Ron is MMR #593. The title of MMR will follow after his name at all NMRA functions and any written material about him. The NMRA presently has over 18,000 members, and in it's entire history there has been only 593 MMR certificates awarded, so this is a rare honour indeed!

The MMR is an achievement program, and each applicant must earn a series of seven certificates for their work before they receive the title. Ron has worked very hard to earn this title, and his modelling work has always spoken for itself. Way to go, Ron!