Sunday, March 19, 2023

WinNtrak to display their N scale modular railway at Grant Park Shopping Centre from March 24 to March 26

Got the March blues? Does it seem like the Manitoba winter will never end? Then head to Grant Park Shopping Centre this coming weekend, for WinNtrak will be running trains on their spectacular N gauge modular railway!

They'll be operating their layout for three big days, starting on Friday, March 24 and ending on Sunday, March 26. WinNtrak's head honcho Felix Lesiuk tells us that there you will even be able to enjoy an overhead view of the rail action, as they're setting up where the upper level of the shopping centre meets the lower level.

WinNtrak will be running trains at Grant Park Shopping Centre from 10AM to 8PM on Friday, March 24, from 10AM to 6PM on Saturday, March 25, and from 12PM to 5PM on Sunday, March 26. Grant Park Shopping Centre is located at 1120 Grant Avenue in Winnipeg.  

Saturday, March 11, 2023

G is for Gino and G scale

Long time member Gino Kost has been seriously getting into G scale! He submitted this model for the WMRC’s model display at the club’s March meeting. This model of an Ontario Northland Railway bulkhead flat is untouched out of the box, but what makes it interesting is the load that Gino created.

Gino’s load is simulated oak timbers, which he hand cut individually and stained with India ink. Scale measurements of the timbers are approximately 8” X 1’6” X 10’6”. Chart tape was used to strap them together.

Saturday, March 04, 2023

Learn everything you wanted to know about DCC but were afraid to ask at the WMRC's March meeting

At our March meeting John Bate will tell you everything you wanted to know about DCC but were afraid to ask.  And John knows his stuff! He is a retired professor of computer science at the U of M. He monitors the DCC Working Group, the NMRA committee that develops, enhances, and modernizes the DCC standards.

His clinic will touch on a number of topics, including  how DCC works, the basic Control Variables (CVs), how to use JMRI's Decoder Pro to work with CVs, and a review of techniques for speed matching. If you have any questions bout DCC (and we’re sure you do) they will be welcomed!

The fun starts at 7:00PM on Friday, March 10 at the Charleswood legion, 6003 Roblin boulevard. The canteen will be open, and we will be holding our monthly model and photo displays.