Thursday, January 23, 2020

Marcel Blair brings two frieght cars to the Winnipeg Model Railroad Club's monthly model display

Long time WMRC member Marcel Blair showed off his excellent modelling skills when he brought two freight cars to the club's monthly model display at the club's January meeting. The CN stock car was entirely scratch built from plans by George Taylor. He used Northeastern Scale Lumber to build the model. Trucks, couplers and add-ons such as the brake wheel are commercial parts that he purchased. His second entry was a CN tank car that he kit bashed using a flatcar and a Varney model tank. Both models were painted, decaled and weathered by Marcel.

Friday, January 17, 2020

Exclusive photos taken by Felix Lesiuk of new CP MOW units

The WMRC's intrepid and prolific photographer Felix Lesiuk is outstanding in his field! As a matter of fact, that's where he was when he took these images. He was out standing in his field! All kidding aside, he caught these very cool shots of rarely seen CP MOW equipment in a very snazzy paint scheme outside of Meadows, Manitoba last month.

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Neil Carelton displays Athearn Hustler at Winnipeg Model Railroad Club's January meeting

WMRC member Neil Carleton brought this Athearn Hustler that he has been working on to the club's January monthly model display. He is using it to test the colors and making before repainting a larger, more expensive model.

He stripped the paint off by using a watered down lye solution. Then he painted it with Tamiya primer and masked and airbrushed it with Rapido acrylic Proto paint in classic CPR colors. He decorated it with Black Cat decals and sprayed it with Testors dull coat. Windows and headlight lenses were made with clear acetate and Testors clear part cement and window maker.  He finished the model by weathering it with pan pastels.