Monday, June 29, 2020

Exclusive images of CN MOW equipment in Manitoba

The ever intrepid Felix Lesiuk went rail fanning last week with his good buddy Louis Lenz and captured some great images of CN MOW equipment outside of the iconic grain elevator at Harte, Manitoba, a favorite spot for many Manitoba rail fans. Some of the equipment he shot include a ballast cleaner, a tie stacker and a tie unloader.

Friday, June 26, 2020

NMRAx presents another virtual convention on Saturday, June 27

Once again, the NMRA-X is bringing clinics, layout tours, and more right to your home computer!
On Saturday, June 27, the NMRAx will be streaming live on the NMRA Facebook page and the NMRA YouTube channel with another great lineup of virtual model railroad clinics & layout tours. Get ready for 12 hours of live content beginning at 6am EDT. Please adjust the times according to your own time zone.

If you can't watch live, all presentations will remain available on the Facebook page. Each individual presentation will be uploaded to the NMRA YouTube channel once editing has been completed.

Full event details:     
NMRA Facebook Page:
NMRA YouTube Channel:

Monday, June 22, 2020

Another rail fanning and nature tour with Felix Lesiuk and Louis Lenz

Maybe it's due to the COVID-19 cabin fever rali fans have been experiencing, but we had an unusually large response on social media from our last post on long time WMRC member Felix Lesiuk's last rail fanning trip. Fortunately, he took another trip right after that, this time with his stalwart companion and long time WMRC member Louis Lenz.

Along with some great CP shots, Felix took some interesting images of some rarely seen CEMR and CN 100 motive power. He also indulged in some nature photography, capturing images of a red wing blackbird, some lady slippers and a dragonfly. Enjoy!