Saturday, December 14, 2013

CP Rail Holiday train hits cop in Hamilton

   Here's a cautionary tale submitted by the Winnipeg Model Railroad Club's Acting Program Director, Morgan Turney, from the online edition of the Hamilton Spectator. The cop wasn't seriously injured, but it could've been a lot worse. The police officer was hit by the slowly moving locomotive as she was trying to keep the crowds back. Luckily, she fell backwards and just bruised her shoulder. If she fell forwards, she would've been run over.

   This is a cautionary tale that all rail fans should be made aware of. We all want to get as close as we can to a moving locomotive to get that perfect shot, but we still must keep a safe distance away. Besides, that's what zoom lens are for!

    CP and CN Rail police have been cracking down on errant rail fans. It might seem like an annoyance,  but they often have good reason to do so.

   Here's the link to the article, and the video:

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