Sunday, December 29, 2013

John Morris at the Winnipeg Model Railroad Club's Klinic Karnival

 The Winnipeg Model Railroad Club's December Klinic Karnival was graced by the presence of one of Winnipeg's all time great modellers, big John Morris himself!  Mister "life on the edge" presented an excellent clinic on applying decals. John is the Fred Astaire of decal application. He makes it look so easy. There isn't a single member of the club who hasn't ruined a perfectly good model at least once by messing up the crucial final touch of applying the decals. Watching the master himself doing it so effortlessly (while hobnobbing with all sorts of visitors to his table) was a real treat!

    Interestingly enough, John only uses one of the half dozen or so Micro Scale products - Micro Sol! After loosening the decal in a tray of lukewarm water (he doesn't even time how long it needs to soak), he takes it out, slips it onto the model with a brush, eyeballs it into place, and dabs a bit of micro-sol on top of it while it's still wet. He produced a perfect model every time!

    John's reputation as a model railroader goes well past Winnipeg's city limits. When the TLR's 2010 "Steam on the Prairies" convention clinics were being organized, Railroad Model Craftsman Contributing Editor Ken Goslett asked specifically that his clinic not be placed at the same time as John's! Perhaps he didn't want the competition, or perhaps he just wanted to go to John's clinic. All the same, the message was clear - when John speaks, everyone listens!

   Except for perhaps his wife.


  1. Can I get John's mailing address as I have three CPR locomotives that need repair. One Royal Hudson, one Hudson H1A, and a G5. I want to sell them but not in their present condition.
    Robert Powell

  2. We do not post personal information like that on this site. But we will contact John and give him your name and leave it up to him.

  3. I spoke to John at the Manitoba Mega Train Show last weekend, and he told me that for privacy reasons he'd prefer you to deal directly with Warehouse Hobbies, who routinely send locomotives in need of repair to him.