Sunday, November 03, 2013

More Manitoba Mega Train memories

Winnipeg Model Railroad Club photo contest chair Suzanne Lemon took this overhead view of the entire event. The mesh is there because we're in an indoor soccer pitch!

Stalwart WMRC volunteers Rober Weaver and Fred Eldridge man the admissions desk in a rare moment when they weren't busy admitting some of our 1,700 guests.

WMRC webmaster Paul Ullrich watches his O gauge Lionel train layout in a rare moment when he wasn't surrounded by dozens of kids watching the giraffe cars or operating the dump cars. 

Suzanne Lemon's Z gauge layout was the smallest model railroad display in the entire show.

Our good friends at WinNtrak had their magnificent N gauge layout displayed at the show.


  1. I am trying to determine if the CPR had any engines or freight cars with the number 6072 on them in 1881-82. At the Bell Barn Historic Site (Indian Head, Sask.) we found a piece of laminated lumber that came from Winnipeg or Hallock, Minnesota, perhaps on the Manitoba & Minnesota Subdivision of the CPR, as part of the construction materials for the Bell Farm in 1882. The letters "M&M 6072" are carefully painted on the wood. You can see this item on our website: Might that have been a shipping label? Are there any photos of a CPR car or engine with the number 6072 on it? Is there a source for determining which cars the CPR bought and on what date they were made?

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  2. Good question, Frank! Do any one of our readers out there know for sure?