Saturday, October 05, 2013

The new Gateway Western!

The WMRC's greatest achievement this year has been the resurrection of the Gateway Western layout!
After Gooch's moved to a smaller location, the layout was kept in storage in a local warehouse for several years. Now it is in the Winnipeg Railway Museum in its very own heated structure! A dedicated group of volunteers assembled the structure in the middle of winter and built a brand new layout. Neil, Suzanne and Cliff are pictured in the new building.


  1. Has the Executive decided about the November 2016 meeting date? Since it is Remembrance Day and a very important date on their calendar I would think we would reschedule the meeting? Maybe information could be put in The Lantern as well as on the website. I am probably not the only one to think about this situation.

    Ron Einarson

  2. Thanks for bringing that up, Ron! It should at least be presented at our next business meeting in September.