Thursday, November 14, 2013

The NMRA's No. 1 Northern Division's ballast crew hard at work

The most popular workshop at the No. 1 Northern Division's third annual train meet was the ballast workshop. Just about everyone tried their hand at ballasting a section of track mounted on a board. Michael Leader, the youngest member of the No. 1 Northern Division, got some expert advice on how to do it right. It was Michael's first effort at ballasting, and he did a great job!

 Ian Plett, Roger Kiendl, Morgan Turney and Suzanne Lemon begin to work on their track section.

 Morgan Turney shows Michael Leader how to properly adhere ballast to the track as No. 1 Northern Superintendent Dennis Rietze look on. Behind Michael is Ian Plett hard at work ballasting his track. 

Michael seems to be getting the hang of it! 

 Ian Plett tamps ballast with his finger while Michael Leader watches Morgan Turney work on his track section.

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