Saturday, April 30, 2022

Paul Newsome’s book on the history of the Prairie Dog Central Railway is now available

Paul Newsome, the General Manager of the Prairie Dog Central Railway, a written a book about its history, titled “Prairie Dog Central - The Story”. It is published by the Vintage Locomotive Society.

Paul has been a member of the Vintage Locomotive Society since July 12, 1970, just 11 days after the train’s historic first run, and one day after it was open to the public. He started with the group sweeping the floors and cleaning the windows. He is now responsible for the operation and maintenance of the group’s classic #3 steamer as well as the operation of the group’s commercial company, Prairie Rail Solutions.
The book costs $35.00, plus GST. To order a copy,  call the Vintage Locomotive Society at (204) 832-5259  or by email at If you wish to have your copy mailed, a representative will let you know the cost of shipping and handling. Please leave your contact information, and they will get back to you.  


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