Saturday, May 07, 2022

Winnipeg Model Railroad Club to hold its first AGM and banquet in three years

We're holding our first AGM and banquet in three years! It will be on Friday, May 13 at CanAd Inns Destination Centre Polo Park at 1430 St. Matthews Avenue. We have assembled a lot of great prizes.

1) Elimination draw. A maximum of 35 tickets will be sold at $5 each. One at a time will be eliminated until the winners are found. Each ticket may be designated for one of two prizes:
      New HO scale Rapido locomotive with DCC and Sound. CN GMD SW1200RS $278.00 value
      New N scale Atlas  BNSF Dash 8-40 $115.00 value
2) Special Draw. We have one of Tyler Fedoroshyn's HO scale Jordan Spreaders. These are very nice, and valued at $100. A limited number of tickets will be sold at $5 each.
3) Door prizes. Everyone (member and/or guest) is automatically entered for these. We will have two $20 gift certificates for Vector Garden Trains. They have many items in all scales, and anything from the Walther's Catalog may be ordered.
4) Arm's-length tickets for the prize table. Buy a string of tickets as long as your arm for $5. There will be a table of at least 30 prizes of many types. Each winner drawn will choose any prize they like from the table, and drawing will continue until all prizes are given away.

Come and relax and have a good time with your fellow club members and their guests.Meet and greet starts at 5:00. The meeting starts at 7:30 after we've all had supper. The buffet at the CanAd Inn is fantastic! You've got to be there!


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