Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Watch Buster Keaton travel across Canada on a Speeder in "The Railrodder"

    In 1965 the National Film Board of Canada released a short film featuring legendary silent movie comedian Buster Keaton, titled The Railrodder. Buster travels across the entire country from Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia to the Georgia Strait in a CN speeder.

     This was one of the last Films Buster Keaton ever made, and it was a fitting ending, as one of his most famous films was The General, where he rescues a train stolen by the Union Army during the civil war.

     The Railrodder is a delight not only for Buster Keaton fans, but for rail fans and historians alike, for it gives us a rare glimpse into what Canada looked like in the mid 1960's all from the perspective of an open speeder.

     If you have 24 minutes to spare, sit back an click here to see The Railrodder. 


  1. That film was always a favourite of mine and my father's.

  2. It's a real gem! Canadians of a certain age know about it, but I don't think the film is very well known in the U.S. or in other countries. We get a lot of views of this blog from the states, so I hope some of our viewers will take the time to enjoy this wonderful film!