Thursday, January 21, 2016

One of only three roundhouses left in Manitoba

An overlooked resource for Manitoba rail fans is the Manitoba Historical Society archives, which has a treasure trove of railway data. The building in the image is a former CP Rail fan shaped, four bay roundhouse built in 1908 in Reston, Manitoba. 

This rail facility used to have a station, section houses, a water tower, a coal dock, wood sheds, and several grain elevators. The CPR Reston Subdivision was abandoned in September 1960. The former engine house, is one of only three surviving in Manitoba. The others are at The Pas (which is an actual working roundhouse operated by the Hudson Bay Railway) and in Dauphin). 

The Reston turntable is a municipally designated historic siteIt was closed in 1930 and was sold and converted for use as a seed house by Colin C. Campbell and son, which operated until 1969. The building is still in use for private storage.This roundhouse was featured on Gordon Goldsborough's "Abandoned Manitoba" segment on CBC Radio, which was broadcast on January 17, 2016. 

For further information about this roundhouse go to the Manitoba Historical Society website at:

To hear the broadcast go to:


  1. Very cool, Paul! I stumbled across the Reston roundhouse when I was touring SW Manitoba in search of grain elevators. I took a quick shot of the roundhouse and posted it in part 6 of my series:

  2. Thanks, Steve! Manitoba has so many hidden railway treasures just waiting to be discovered!