Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Endless Mountains Model Railroad Club's boxcar fundraiser

   We have been contacted by Pennsylvania's Endless Mountains Model Railroad Club through Facebook! By George, we've gone international! This interweb stuff really works!

   The Endless Mountains Model Railroad Club is an organization very much like our own, operating out of  Dimock, Pennsylvania, which is just north of Scranton, home of Steamtown and the fictional  Dunder Mifflin Paper company from the TV sitcom, The Office.

   They're planning a fundraiser for next year to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the Tunkhannock Creek Viaduct, and they're considering selling an HO boxcar to honour the event. A portion of the proceeds would go to the Nicholson Heritage Association. They're trying to gauge interest in such a model among model railroaders outside of their area.  The model is not yet available, and the design is not finalized.

   If you're interested in purchasing this fine looking boxcar, please contact the Endless Mountains Model Railroad Club by clicking here.


  1. We never heard from anyone in your club. The bridge centennial celebration was fantastic, and we are nearly sold out of boxcars, so if you still want one, give us a call at 570-278-3992. $25 HO $60 O.

  2. Sorry to hear that, Michael. It might have to do with shipping costs to Canada and the low Canadian dollar.