Thursday, February 19, 2015

Aaron Woloshyn's pre-fab track car displayed at Winnipeg Model Railroad Club's monthly display

     Every month the WMRC holds a model display. All members are invited to bring whatever they've been working on to the meeting and put it on the table for everyone to see. This is a display, not a competition. A cash prize is awarded, but the winner is selected by random.

    The minimum cash prize is $15. If there are ten entries from ten different members, the cash award goes up to $30.
     The WMRC is very proud of our member's creations, and every model in the monthly display is featured in The Lantern (the official publication of the WMRC) and as often as possible on the WMRC blog site.
   Aaron Woloshyn's car started its life the same way that the prototype likely did, as a bulkhead flatcar. He stripped all of the hardware off of one end and removed the whole bulkhead. Then he moved the bulkhead about a fifth of the way into the car and cemented it to the deck. The buttresses supporting it and side structures were made from Styrene. The ladders on the flat end are the ladders that used to be on the bulkhead.

   He painted it with a red/orange colour that  is pretty close to CN colours, the decals came from various locomotive and rolling stock sets. Then he weathered it and made a load from Atlas track.
The prototype can be seen below. That's a pretty good match!

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