Saturday, January 18, 2014

Larry Leaven's January model display entry

   Winnipeg Model Railroad Club President Larry Leavens also had an entry in the monthly model display. He built a Walthers Ontario Carbonate tank car and added a few extra finishing touches.

   To weight the model, he added lead shot in a white glue matrix, according to NMRA recommended practice. He replaced the horn hook couplers with Kadees and replaced the plastic wheels with metal ones from Intermountain Railway.

   Plastic stanchions were replaced with metal ones from an Athearn diesel. The end railings had a stand-off support added to the middle, as per the prototype.  The safety bar along the side had standoffs added mid-way between the end sill and the ladder. The safety rails were brush painted with stencil white.

   The faces of the wheels were painted a dirty rust colour and the side frames were painted with grimy black.

    The Winnipeg Model Railroad Club's monthly model display is held at every meeting by the No. 1 Northern Division of the NMRA. To qualify for the monthly prize, you must show that you've done some assembly or weathering. Each entry must include a short write-up describing the work that has been finished to date.

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