Saturday, January 14, 2023

Bob Harrison builds a fuel storage tank out of a coffee can

WMRC President Emeritus Bob Harrison came in with a truly unique entry for the club’s monthly model display at our January meeting. He took an empty coffee can, removed the labels, then painted it white. He searched on-line for logos of oil companies, copied them into a word document, printed them on translucent decal paper using a laser printer and applied the decals to the can.

Bob added pipes using the modellers favourite secret weapon, sprues from old model kits. He installed a surplus ladder he had hanging around in his parts box. For a final flourish he installed a red LED on the roof, powered by a nine volt battery operated to the blink of an Arduino Nano. Then he added a bit of weathering.

We had a plethora of entries at our last meeting! The board had pleaded with they members to submit model because the only one who was submitting in the past few months was long time member Richard Mikolayenko, and they were tired of giving out the $20 draw prize just to him. Seven members brought in their models, but when the draw was made, Richard Mikolayenko won again!

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  1. Nice , the reverse of the "Worlds largest Coca-Cola can", .... from one of 'our' former city water towers. Back at my hometown' 8-)