Saturday, January 21, 2023

This old house is Richard Mikolayenko's N gauge model

Richard’s house is getting shaky, Richard’s house is getting old! Richard’s house lets in the rain,  
Richard’s house lets in the cold! He don’t got time to fix the shingles, he don’t got time to fix the floor.
He don’t got time to oil the hinges, nor to mend no window panes. He’s not gonna need this house no longer, its getting ready to meet its fate!

Good thing it’s just a model! Richard Mikolayenko submitted this Pola (now merged into Faller) kit of a building under demolition to the club’s monthly model display at our January meeting. To further emphasize the deterioration, he used a wash of black paint over the debris and attached a sticker from a kit onto the interior walls. He hand painted the window headers a light beige and rubbed a light black ash on the walls to bring out the details. He also painted the wood beams to resemble fire damage. It’s truly one for the wrecking ball!

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