Sunday, March 06, 2016

Winnipeg Model Railroad Club member’s design gets national attention

Paul Ullrich's design for the NMRA's LCC system has been used in full page ads in NMRA Magazine.

WMRC blog editor Paul Ullrich designed a logo for the National Model Railroad Association that has been subject to a national campaign by the NMRA. The logo was for a microchip for the organization’s new Layout Command Control System (LCC). The logo has been used in full page ads in NMRA Magazine and displayed prominently at the NMRA’s national convention in Portland, Oregon last year. 

“I thought that the logo was going to be embedded onto a tiny microchip inside a locomotive, and no one would ever see it.” Says Paul, “Imagine my surprise to see full page ads and huge posters showcasing the design.

Paul has also designed the 60th anniversary logo for the WMRC, and the logo for the Kildonan Short Lines modular railway. He also draws a cartoon for  NMRA Magazine every month. 

Paul's design was showcased prominently at the NMRA nation convention in Portland, Oregon last year. Photo by Gerry Leone. 

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