Friday, July 29, 2016

Rail fanning the Prairie Dog Central Railway

The Prairie Dog Central Railway is truly a Manitoba rail fan's most precious resource.  We don't post most of their events, because they're usually sold out! But if you can't ride on it, you can always watch it and get some great pictures, especially if the venerable #3 steam engine is operating.

The grounds are open, the ticket office is open from 9:30AM to 3:00PM Monday to Friday, and you can look - but don't touch! There are "No Trespassing" signs on those two CP G5 locomotives they got from Virginia last year.

If you're going during the weekends just to look around, please go early and leave well before 11:00AM, when the paying customers board the train. The only have so much parking space! Be sure to check out their gift shop at the station before you leave!

Rail fans have been shooting pictures along the trackside of the PDC's route since it started running decades ago. You can get some great pictures, but use some common sense as to where you chose to take those pictures. Stay well away from the track! If you're following the train along the road, choose a level crossing on a side road, and not on highway 6, which is one of the province's most dangerous roads.

Two great places to view the train are their two main stops at Grosse Isle and Warren, but make sure to check their ticket schedule, as the train doesn't always go to Warren.

It's a little tricky getting to their Inkster Junction location since they moved the highway, but all you need to do if follow the directions to the station by clicking here.  Happy railroading!

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