Sunday, July 03, 2016

Morgan's model grain elevators are for the birds!

WMRC Program Director Morgan Turney has built these unique bird houses modelled after grain elevators. They're for sale, and he'll custom paint them for you in any colour you want, including ketchup red and mustard yellow!

By Morgan Turney 

I rebuilt a portion of my property fence in the spring and wondered what to do with the 'good'  old fence boards that were replaced. Our street was having a street garage sale and I needed something to sell. I'm a bird house builder and thought, "Why not recycle those fence boards into bird houses?”

I made a grain elevator birdhouse about 3 years ago and decided to make a few more using the boards. As I was cutting the patten, the thought occurred to me to make enough of them to create a bird house version of the Inglis grain elevators preserved at Inglis, Manitoba. My neighbour was having his roof re-shingled and had some scrap shingles left over which he gave me to make the roofs. 

They were made as a production run of five in about 20 hours. I cut the pieces for all five as I went along. There were quite a few angle cuts to make (all 30 degrees). The blue one has already been sold. I left two of them unpainted (spar varnished) and they are rustic looking. 

And so, there they are! Should you want one, they’re only $30.00 each, first come, first choice on the colour! Each bird house comes with instructions on where to place them and how to care for them.

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