Monday, June 15, 2015

Making scenery at the Gateway Western Railway

    WMRC Program Director Morgan Turney took these images of Aaron Woloshyn laying some scenery at the gateway Western. He's using the modeller's best friend, the Topside Creeper, which is available from Micro-Mark. For a big layout like the Gateway, the Topside Creeper is an indispensable tool for getting into those hard to reach spots!

     Tuesday nights are now, still, and always will be Gateway nights. It's a great opportunity for fun, fellowship, and working on the railroad! The crew meets around 7:00 PM at the Winnipeg Railway Museum, located on the second level of the Via Rail station at 123 Main Street.

    Aaron Woloshyn is seen from the outside window of the Gateway, working on the landscaping.


  1. Very nice progress on the layout.
    Please keep as much as possible coming about the Gateway Western.
    Always appreciate the news.

  2. Thanks for the kind words! We'll keep posting about the Gateway as much as possible!