Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Neil Carlton holds weathering technique clinic at WMRC's December meeting

   Neil Carlton displays weathering techniques to Bob King and Val Lemon at the Klinic Karnival held at the WMRC's December meeting. 

    One of the more interesting clinics held at the WMRC's Klinic Karnival in December was member Neil Carlton's demonstration on various weathering techniques. Neil is a master of many weathering methods. His detailing is admirably meticulous, and he employs many unique methods to weather his models. Note the special gloves he wears (we should all be that neat).

    He also used makeup sponges to apply various shades of pastels onto his models (yes, he buys them all by himself at the makeup counter). Using these wedge-shaped sponges gives him extraordinary control over the application of the pastels. These versatile sponges can also be used to "pick up" over-applications of pastels on the models much better than a brush.

    Thanks for the great tip about these wonderful sponges, Neil! But if you want to try them out, don't steal them from you wife! Go to the store and buy them yourself, just like Neil does! 


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