Monday, August 18, 2014

Watch "So You Want a Model Railroad" (if you dare)

    This is a hilarious (and somewhat painful) short sent by long time WMRC member Ron Einarson about how a man's obsession with building his model railroad gets just a bit out of hand. This is one of a series of shorts made in the 40's and 50's featuring a character named Joe McDoakes, who gets into all sorts of trouble following his desires. There were over 60 shorts made, all with the titles beginning with "So You Want To......."

     If the voice of Joe McDoakes sounds familiar, that's because the actor, George O'Hanlon, was also the voice of George Jetson!

     This short is a little over eight minutes long, but please watch it all the way through, and look out for that surprise ending! It is strongly advised NOT to watch this with your spouse. Click here.


  1. Paul & Ron

    Great video. Never knew that Lionel made an "olive" car.

    Dave Downie

  2. They never made an olive car, but they did make a pickle car (but how many drinks need a pickle?). FYI: Jackie Gleason once used a Lionel train to serve him drinks on his show when he played Reggie Van Gleason. He ad libbed the line, "Booze is swell with Lionel!"