Saturday, May 13, 2023

Joe Krawchenko wins the WMRC's Atlas Urkaine boxcar raffle

Joe Krawchenko is the winner of the WMRC’s Ukraine boxcar raffle, held at the club’s open house on April 22 and 23. The Atlas boxcar was donated by former WMRC librarian Bart Hasselfield. Proceeds of the raffled will be donated to a Ukraine relief fund.

Joe was a long time member of the club. He won several modelling awards in the WMRC’s annual model contests for his scratch built models of grain silos and other grain handling storage units, which were fabricated entirely out of metal from tin cans.

Joe is the brother of Sandi Krawchenko Alter, former broadcaster, investigative journalist and winner of the 2012 Carol Shields Winnipeg book award for her novel, Ravenscraig.


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