Sunday, October 18, 2020

Christopher Robinson’s rolling stock gains weight during COVID-19

Many of us have gained weight due to COVID-19, but Christopher Robinson decided to have his rolling stock gain weight instead. He had a set of Rivarossi heavyweight passenger cars which the bought at the 1983 Railway Jamboree, the NMRA national convention held in Winnipeg. The heavyweight cars were anything but heavyweight, weighing just two ounces, so he hefted them up to six ounces as his COVID-19 modelling project.

He found interiors for the coaches which added two ounces of weight, making the cars weigh five ounces. To bring them up another ounce, he turned the cars upside down and put lead shot in a 1/4 inch gap between the centre sills under the door.

He secured the lead shot with diluted white glue and painted it aircraft interior black. He painted the floors, walls and bulkheads in MOW grey, and the chair frames in railway tie brown. The seat cushions will be painted light Tuscan oxide red.

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