Monday, October 15, 2018

Model display entries at Winnipeg Model Railroad Club's September meeting

WMRC Past President Larry Leavens brought in a model of a Bentonite plant that he had been working on. Bentonite is a clay product that swells when wet and is used in construction to reduce seepage in the soil. It is shipped either as a powder or in pellets, either in bulk or bagged.

The structure is a Faller Concrete Plant kit. The base of the building where a cement truck would receive the premixed concrete, was filled with corrugated sheet styrene. The majority of the structure was painted with ‘rattle can spray paint’ prior to the assembly of the major components.
The structure will be incorporated into a larger industry, Pembina Mountain Clays, at Scott’s Siding. The siding is named in memory of long-time WMRC member Charlie Scott.

Neil Carleton brought in a Canadian Pacific truss rod boxcar built from a kit. The kit was repainted and decorated with period correct decals from Black Cat Decals. Weathering followed using Pan pastels and then sprayed with Testors Dullcoat.

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