Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Dave Downie makes a forest

WMRC Program Chair Dave Downie has been very busy landscaping his layout this summer! First he landscaped a mountain, and now he’s forested it with thousands of home made trees!

For fir trees, Dave used reusable washable furnace filters from Lowes and Canadian Tire. The filter is plastic and is blue in colour. He pulled the material apart, spray painted it green and applied it over  skewers and toothpicks that he had painted brown.

Dave made deciduous trees using a polyester fill material used in pillows and quilts, which he painted. For the trunks he used dead twigs from a Scotch pine in his front yard. He stretched the polyester fill over the trunk and used a hot glue gun to attach the material.
Once the tree was shaped, he applied a coat of  hairspray, followed by a dusting of Woodland Scenics Fine Turf. A final spray with hair-spray secured the flock to the tree.  In a few weeks Dave made almost 1,200 trees!

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