Thursday, June 28, 2018

Dave Downie builds a mountain

Long time WMRC member and current program director Dave Downie has been very busy creating scenery on his layout. A good friend of his, who was a year into constructing a large two level layout, challenged him to start scenery.

Dave his a highly skilled model railroader. His benchwork is superb (you should see his helix) and he knows his way around wiring and modern electronics. But his layout was void of scenery. He accepted the challenge and jumped in with both feet.

Using plaster impregnated cloth, molding plaster, Sculptamold, home made ground foam with commercial ballast, he now has hard shell over his entire upper level, and he will be making all of his own trees.

He started building Mount Waverley on the second level, which is almost 20 feet in length.  More detailed work still needs to be done but Dave is quite pleased with the results. The mountain is very imposing and provides an excellent view block between areas of the layout. Keep up the good work, Dave!

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