Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Winnipeg Model Railroad Club members show off their modelling talents

Three of the club's most talented modellers displayed their latest works at the WMRC's February meeting's monthly model display. Morgan Turney brought his model of a bulkhead flat car with a rebar load (featured above).   Morgan made the rebar out of .007 inch steel wire, and tied them together using a twisted double strand of electrical braided wire from a piece of electrical cord.

Suzanne Lemon created this abandoned Ukrainian pioneer log home using balsa and basswood which she cut and shaped to give the appearance of rough-cut timbers. She notched each piece to fit in a tongue and groove fashion. The wood was distressed with an X-acto knife and a wire brush, and weathered with sweet and sour wood stain and a dark grey wash.

Aaron Woloshyn scratch built this speed swing out of scrap pieces of styrene and wire. He "harvested" a set of spare wheels from the WMRC's Gateway Western Railway, and used spare decals from various sets that he had left over.


  1. I really like that speed swing!

    1. And it was completely scratch built, too! It looks like it could be an "out of the box" model. Aaron Woloshyn is one talented modeller!