Monday, June 06, 2016

More memories of the Gateway Western during Doors Open Winnipeg

This little guy is so determined to get a better view of the trains at the Gateway Western that he grabbed a nearby Via Rail step! All photos by Dave Downie.

By Dave Downie

Attendance at the Winnipeg Railway Museum during Doors Open Winnipeg surpassed last year's  and both the WMRC and the museum were very pleased with the amount of money raised during the event. 

I talked to a model railroader from Toronto who was in town for the Liberal convention. His name was Peter and he had visited the museum Tuesday after arriving in Winnipeg and wanted to see the layout in action during the weekend. I had seen him standing observing the action without moving for 10 minutes. When I introduced myself, he indicated that he thought quite highly of the layout and had a lot of questions about the WMRC. He had read the WMRC blog and felt he knew a lot about us already.

"They look as if they're really having fun", he said. I agreed and said that some of the participants hardly knew each other before today and that the event would help everyone get to know each other better. I reminded Peter that model railroading is supposed to be fun and that is what the WMRC is all about.

A CP passenger train rounds the bend on the Gateway Western during Doors Open Winnipeg.

These kids are mesmerized by the train action going on at the Gateway!

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  1. These kids definitely love the model train. They can learn to build their model train.