Friday, March 28, 2014

Forum Art Centre will hold a flea market on Saturday, March 29

   Our good friends at the Forum Art Centre were good enough to post a terrific piece for our annual open house in their newsletter, The Palette. They're holding a flea market this Saturday, March 29, from 10AM to 3PM in their studio at 120 Eugenie Street in St. Boniface.

    There might not be any trains for sale there, but it could be an excellent opportunity for model railroaders to stock up on all sorts of art supplies (and anything else they might have on sale). We're all modellers, and some of use up a lot of art supplies as we're honing our craft.

   While you're there, you might want to inquire about some of their classes. There's a bunch of model railroads that are in dire need of a good painted backdrop, and this would be the place to learn how to do it!

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