Saturday, March 09, 2024

Luca Maytas builds an auxiliary water tender

Luca Maytas submitted a model of an auxiliary water tender at last month’s model display. He made it from an old coal tender from a broken Tyco 4-6-2 locomotive. Luca wanted to have an extra tender to go along with his model of a tourist train, for when steam locomotives ran on the mainline they typically had one or two extra tenders carrying water.

Luca took the shell off and cut out the coal load. Then he cut a piece of plastic card to fit over where the coal load was. Once he had that in place he used a piece of sprue to act as the water hatch. He cut off the draw bar and truck mounted couplers and added a Kadee coupler and coupler box at each end. He painted the tender in glossy black and added some tender decals.


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