Monday, March 25, 2019

A sneak preview of Denniz Rietze's new layout

The most prominent feature of Dennis Rietze's new model railroad is a peninsula supported by long carriage bolts attached to the frame of the layout. The support pillar underneath will not be needed once the layout has been installed in his apartment.

Former WMRC treasurer Dennis Rietze sent us some images of his new layout, the Twisted Creek Railway. Dennis is one of the most creative and inventive model railroader in the hobby. He’s well known for building an amazing layout in the crawl space of his split level house. He is having his new layout custom built to fit in the spare bedroom of he new apartment that he and his wife LuElla had moved into recently.

The plan is a modified version of one that appeared in Model Railroader magazine. As it is in an apartment, the layout has been designed to be free standing so none of the walls will be drilled into or damaged. It is supported by a series of pillars, which allows for wheelchair accessibility. As it is built in several lightweight sections using framed Styrofoam boards, it can be taken down and moved without much difficulty.

All of the backdrops are attached to the back side of the layout. The most outstanding feature of the layout is something that literally is outstanding! It’s a large free standing peninsula, supported by several very long carriage bolts that are anchored to the frame of the layout.

Dennis has also recycled several structures from his previous layout. His free standing peninsula will feature a modern grain elevator depot. Dennis, who was never shy about embracing new technology, has plans to put in a street with moving vehicles.

The layout uses pillars for support, which allows wheelchair access.

An inside view of the carriage bolts which will support the peninsula.

 Seen here is the street, which will feature high-tech moving automobiles.

The peninsula will feature a modern grain elevator depot.



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