Friday, April 27, 2018

We can't help you sell your model railroad equipment anymore

When the Winnipeg Model Railroad Club launched itself into the realm of social media five years ago, we offered readers who had model railroad equipment that they wanted to sell a chance to advertise them free on the WMRC blog and our Facebook page. We were also able to contact them with interested buyers. We also were accepting donations of model railroad equipment.

But since the new year began, we have been swamped with requests to do so. We used to get a handful of these requests per year, but lately it's been almost one every week! Clearly there is simply too much supply and very little demand. We even find it difficult to accept donations, as the club doesn't have any room to store them.

We will still offer a limited service on our social media sites to our members and former members who might have model railroad equipment to sell.

It is with great regret that we are announcing this change in policy. We are happy that we were able to assist model railroaders in selling their trains in the past. But we can only suggest that you post the trains that you wish to sell on Kijiji or contact the Manitoba Mega Train Show about renting a vendor's table for their annual show in September.

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