Saturday, August 05, 2017

Get your decals made at the UPS store on Ellice Avenue

Making your own custom decals using the Testors decal system is very popular, easy, and inexpensive. That is, until you try to print them on a crummy $50 ink jet printer! So, you go to a print shop to print them up for you , but they won't do it because they only have laser printers that will melt the decal paper. Then you look for a printer that uses a high quality ink jet printer and come out empty handed.

Well, here;s some good news, fellow custom decal makers! After an exhaustive search, we've found a place with a high quality ink jet printer that will do it for you, at a very reasonable cost! It's the UPS store #431 at 120-1400 Ellice Avenue. We had some decals printed up there, and the did an excellent job! Check the out by clicking here, or just go to the store yourself and ask for Alex!

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