Saturday, January 14, 2017

Buy this entire HO layout

Darcy Braun wants to sell his late father’s HO layout. His father,  Abe "Charlie" Braun, started building his layout in 1971, when he received an HO train set as a Christmas present. As you can see from the images, it has grown! Darcy’s mother doesn't have room for it any longer. 

Darcy and his mom would love to sell this to someone who would like to continue working on this project. There are many engines, cars and buildings, trees, street lights and much, much more. There’s hundreds of feet of track, and lots of spare parts.

They’re hoping get to get around $2000 for everything. Considering how much equipment there is, that sounds like quite the deal!

You can contact Darcy Braun by phone at 204-823-2849 or email him at

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