Thursday, October 27, 2016

Felix Lesiuk's Churchill diary

Long time WMRC member Felix Lesiuk (who is also President of WinNtrak and Rail Travel Tours primo tour guide) sent us some wonderful photos and some text on his trip to Churchill with his latest tour group earlier this month. Enjoy!

By Felix Lesiuk

We made it to Churchill pretty much on time.  Turned on the wye outside of town and backed in to the station. I had a chance to take a couple of quick pix of the dome car in the morning sun at the station, before we all piled into Nature 1st's bus for a quick tour of town and a visit to Cape Merry Gun Battery. It was very cold! Most were bundled up quite well. I braved it and smiled with my frostbitten face (frozen in  a smile). We had a sentry watching us for bears. One of the pictures shows a cool effect where Bay seawater and freshwater from the Churchill river meet.  

We went by the shuttered Port. I took some pix for those who want to model one. (extra images of the port are available upon request).   

After that, we checked into our hotels. We were spread out into three hotels, I stayed in the Bear Country Inn with 17 others. We then toured around town to shop and explore. Between my tour duties, I headed out and quickly took some pix of the train still parked at the station.  Our train would head southbound later in the evening.  We had an Arctic Char welcome dinner at the Seaport Hotel before tuning in for the main event tomorrow. Da Bears!

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