Monday, August 29, 2016

Toad Hall revamps model railroad department

If you haven't been to Toad Hall Toys lately to check out their model railroad department, then it's worth the trip! Darryl Audette has taken over the reins, and he's making some changes! Pictured above is his work in progress in the store, which promises to be a terrific display when it's finished!

As you can see from behind his layout, the place is very well stocked with all sorts of mode railroad goodies! It is very gratifying in these days of hobby shop disappearing or downsizing to see that Toad Hall is not only still in the game, but is expanding!

Toad Hall has been a supporter of the WMRC for many years, and has continued to faithfully advertise in the clubs. official publication, The Lantern. Every member in good standing receives a 10% discount on all no-sale in-store model railroad items, so be sure to bring your card the next time you go!

Darryl Audette, published miniaturist, general brilliant person and all around great guy is in charge of Toad Hall's model railroad department. 

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