Saturday, February 13, 2016

Morgan makes a "shake-a-box" kit

At our last meeting's model display, WMRC Program Director Morgan Turney submitted this "shake-a-box" kit he has been working on.  Morgan, who is also our annual model contest chair,  submitted it to serve as a subtle reminder to all of our members that our spring open house annual model contest is only two months away!

 This year's model contest special event is to make a "shake-a-box" kit, which is a slang term for any Athearn blue box kit,  but it could be any kit from any manufacturer, in any scale. Kits were once the staple of every model railroader, as they were easy to build and cheaper than buying ready-to-run models, but they have fast disappeared from the model railroading scene when prices for many ready-to-run models became cheaper than kits.

But there are still plenty of kits around, and this special event celebrates the proud tradition of actually building a piece of rolling stock! An extra ten points will be given to anyone who includes the WMRC 60th anniversary decal on their model.  If you don't have a decal, we have them for sale, and you can pick them up at our next meeting!

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