Tuesday, March 03, 2015

The model railroader's joke of the day

   Our good friend and long time WMRC member Chuck Huard always sends us such marvelous things to post! Chuck will be long remembered not only as Past president of our club, but for doing such a marvelous job of managing Elmwood Hobbies so so long!

   This was one joke that we couldn't resist posting. If only it were true, and we actually could get more of our kids to love model trains!

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Chuck Huard's entry for the Winnipeg Model Railroad Club's monthly photo contest

     Here's another entry in last month's photo contest, submitted by member Chuck Huard, who took this shot of the CPR's eastbound Canadian at Schreiber, Ontario, a long time ago. The deadline for the next photo contest is midnight Tuesday, March 3rd, and the theme is "essence of velocity" (meaning speed).

     We've changed the award as well. Instead of a cash prize, the winner will receive a weekend in Regina! The second prize is TWO weekends in Regina!

     Just kidding, folks. That's a favorite joke of our president, Larry Leavens. The cash prize remains the same - $15 if we get less than 10 entries, and $30 if we get 10 or more. And the winning photo gets to be on the cover of The Lantern, the official publication of the WMRC!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Deadline looming for Winnipeg Model Railroad Club's March photo contest

   WMRC secretary Cliff Davidson sent in this beautiful photograph last month of a Via F-Unit in Portage La Prairie that he took in the 80's. Last month's theme was the cold, and it was -25C he took this picture!

    Heads up, WMRC members! You only have a couple of days to meet the deadline for the March photo contest! Because of the short month of February, the deadline is midnight on Tuesday, March 3, so if you have a railroad photo that captures Lantern Editor Robert Weaver's theme of "Essence of Velocity" (think speed - zoom, zoom, zoom!) Send it to him by then!

   The winner will get their image on the cover of The Lantern (the official publication of the WMRC). They will also receive a minimum cash prize of $15. But if we receive 10 entries or more, the prize money doubles to $30!